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Audcomp Backup Services

Simplified cloud backup solution

Maximize the value of your IT investments with a reliable backup and disaster recovery strategy. Audcomp Backup offers a cloud solution that protects your data quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Our backup services equip your business with a monthly subscription-based service that secures your data both on premises and in the cloud.


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A complete hybrid cloud backup and recovery solution, Audcomp Backup is a secure, reliable and cost-effective way to protect your business data against loss. Protect your mission-critical data and simplify your IT risk management with a solution that allows a quick and effortless restoration from any location, via the Web, requiring no material investment or technical knowledge.

How does it work?

Set it and forget it

Downloading and configuring is fast: Choose which files to backup, manage data, bandwidth throttling and more in just a few clicks. No hardware required. Just set it and forget It.

Automatic Backup

Files are automatically backed up while you work—even open files. You won't even notice. No interruption to your work at all.

cloud control

Share files anywhere, anytime via web portal. Restore/recover files quickly via web console, client app or shipped hard drive. Enjoy unlimited dedicated support.

Why Cloud Backup?

Pay only for what you use
A cloud backup solution eliminates the need to buying expensive backup software and equipment. The pay-as-you-go model allows users to spend their budget on only what they use.

Reliable and Secure
Tape backups are susceptible to obsolescence, corruption and exposure. Cloud backup offers redundancy and security by undertaking backup automatically without much action on the user's part.

Quick and Effortless

Data is saved automatically. You simply set it and forget it. Only new or modified files are sent to backup, so there will not be any worry about bandwidth saturation. With cloud backup, data restoration is quick and effortless.


ABS Features

Simple, automatic backups

  • Continuous and undetectable backups of workstations that require no action on your part.
  • Scheduled backup of servers- backup even when the server is locked or asleep.
  • Files are uploaded only once, during the first backup. Backups only transfer new files, updates to existing files
  • The fastest possible backups, up to 5 times faster than other online backup plans.

Easy backup management

  • Bandwidth throttling function that allows you to keep transfer speeds under control.
  • Agentless backup- manage backups of all machines and devices from a single central console.
  • Clientless backup- no need to install a client on each machine.
  • Manage user accounts, view statistics and reports, and perform various administrative tasks with our intuitive control panel that's accessible anywhere, anytime, via web portal.
  • Configure backup schedules, access policies, report settings and more in just a few clicks.

Efficient storage space management

  • With a single-snapshot full backup followed by incremental block-level snapshot backups, data is recovered to any previous point in time. It stores only the data that has been changed, which contributes to an efficient storage space management system.


Military-grade data protection

  • 24/7 data access via web and mobile. Connect to the web console to download and share files anytime.
  • Scheduled backup of servers- backup even when the server is locked or asleep.
  • Recovering files is as easy—and fast—as retrieving files from your computer.
  • The fastest possible backups, up to 5 times faster than other online backup plans.

File Support

  • Easy file sharing- set and change access policies in just using the easy-to-use web portal.
  • Mapped drives are treated exactly like any other local drive backup. You can choose partial or full backups of these drives.
  • Multiple versioning option lets you restore older versions of files, even if they have been backed up several times since.
  • Our backup features an open file driver and is Microsoft VSS integrated. This allows files open by running applications to be backed up.



Eliminate the need to purchase any backup hardware and software. Since the backup is performed in the cloud, there is no need for you to invest on maintenance, power and cooling equipment. Our subscription based solution allows you to pay only for the services you require.

Why choose ABS over on-premises backup solution

In-house Backup

High cost
Low security/high risk of breach
Slow data recovery
Low accessibility to data
Limited IT support
Requires transportation & storage space
High risk of theft, fire, flood or other disaster


Audcomp Backup Services (ABS)

cloud button Automatic & undetectable backups without any action on your part
cloud button More affordable than physical backups or other business online backup plans
cloud button Unbreachable military-grade security used by financial institutions
cloud button Data can be recovered in 3 different ways, usually in seconds
cloud button Data can be accessed and shared from anywhere in the world, at any time
cloud button Dedicated, expert customer and data recovery support
cloud button We safeguard your data for you at our secure datacentre
cloud button 100% redundant and secure datacentres keep your business data safely stored and protected against disasters


Do you have backup headache?

Anyone who does in-house backups, restore and recovery understands the ‘backup headache’. In-house backups are time consuming, uncertain and unsecured.

Cloud Backup frees you from these challenges and provides you with a backup solution you can easily configure and forget. Your data will be safely stored off-site and will be accessible from anywhere, anytime.

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