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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to host servers & VMs

A high performance backup service from the cloud

Proactive Security as a Service (SaaS) solution

fast fiber connectivity you can rely on

why cloud

Why Cloud makes business sense

Cloud Computing leverages the power of the internet to do things remotely by minimizing the usage of on-premise resources. It delivers computing resources ( E.g., processing power, storage capacity, software applications) over the internet.  Similar to the way that utilities such as electricity or gas are delivered to homes and businesses, cloud computing frees up businesses from having to install technology on their premises.


Cloud enables your business:

  • Access high-quality services and enterprise-class IT for less cost
  • Save resources that would have been spent on implementing and managing on-premise infrastructure
  • Support your mobile workforce by accessing data from anywhere
  • Avoid over or under investing on computing resources- pay for only what you use
  • Protect and secure your business network and data
  • Reduce IT hardware costs and obsolescence
  • Reduce upkeep and maintenance costs
  • Solve IT skills limitations

Where is your data stored?

When considering cloud for your business and weighing the pros and cons, one of the burning issues is security of data. Where will your data be stored? Is it secure for your data to cross border? Read this article about what happens when your data cross borders.

Assess your IT business challenges

Many SMBs are not sure if a Cloud business model can benefit them or not. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the cloud. Here is a checklist to help you assess your current situation and identify your IT business challenges that you can simplify with cloud computing.

You can also sign up for a free cloud readiness consultation here. We will help you navigate the cloud landscape and help you understand what does and doesn't work for your business.

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