Manages every device in your network remotely AMS


A high performance backup service from the cloud

Proactive Security as a Service (SaaS) solution

fast fiber connectivity you can rely on


A secured home for your IT investment

Building and maintaining in-house IT infrastructure is expensive and time consuming. Audcomp Colocation Services hosts your equipment in a dedicated rack space at our datacentre. Our colocation centre, located in Ontario, is biometric secure and climate controlled with a reliable network.

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Audcomp Colocation Services offer your IT investment a great home and hosts your server equipment at our datacentre. Located locally in South-western Ontario, our datacentre allows you worry free access to bandwidth and your hardware. Staffed with accredited datacentre engineers to provide IT support, our datacentre offers firewall protection and data backup solutions.

Worry-free IT

Redundant backup power generation
Automated switching from public power to on-site power generation
Cooling systems engineered to meet high-density computer hardware demands
Multi-stage fire control systems
Secure operational areas


Why Colocate with Audcomp?

  • Highly secure, available and scalable datacentre
  • Local, located in Southwestern Ontario
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Resilient network and redundant environment
  • Customizable to your business needs
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Why Colocation Services?

SMBs often find it difficult and expensive to build and maintain in-house IT infrastructure. In-house IT infrastructure is expensive and needs a lot of resources to manage. Specially as your business grows, space can also be a big limitation. By renting bandwidth and equipment space from a trusted local Colocation Service provider like Audcomp, you can reduce up-front cost that would have been spent on space, power, cooling and physical security at your location.

To learn more about Colocation Services and if it is a right solution for your business, sign up for a free consultation.

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