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With Exchange®, team collaboration is easier than ever with effortless sharing of documents, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes. Managing on-premise email solution demands time and resources. Audcomp Hosted Exchange service takes always the hassle of managing an in-house email infrastructure. It provides a cost-effective solution that requires no hardware investment. With our Hosted Exchange solution, your business data stays in Canada, providing you an optimal security and 99.9% uptime.

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Exchange on the go

On the go

Exchange on the  desktop

On your desktop

Outlook web app

On the web

Hosted Exchange email gives you access to high-end business email and collaboration tools while reducing your cost by eliminating the need to invest on in-house IT resources. Your email, calendar and task will all be synchronized to keep everyone in your organization on the same page, providing you the best productivity experience across all platforms: on your PC, on your mobile devices and on the web.

Audcomp Hosted Exchange Features


mobilityGet more done when you're on the move! Stay connected to your inbox thanks to real-time synchronization on your BlackBerry, iPhone, or any other smartphone.


EfficiencyShare calendars or distribution lists with clients, just as if they were part of your organization. Integrate with Outlook and enjoy the rich, familiar email experiences with offline access. Schedule meetings more efficiently through shared calendars and conference room reservations. Prevent any unintentional information leak with Outlook's new Mail Tips that alert you before you send emails to outsiders or large distribution lists.


99% SLABoost your users' productivity and performance with a guaranteed uptime SLA of 99.9%


IT supportYou can contact our Microsoft certified technical support team by phone, email or online. We provide a customized, fast and reliable support service to resolve any issues.



FlexibilitySecurely access your inbox through the full-featured and familiar Outlook Web App (OWA) from virtually any platform, web browser, or mobile device.


Guard against spam and virus threats with advanced gateway email protection anti-malware and anti-spam filter that are continually updated. Your users can access their information securely on all major browsers, their desktops and mobile devices.


costSave on hardware, storage and software licensing costs by not having to run your in-house email solution

Datacentre Location

With our Hosted Exchange solution, your business data stays in Canada, providing you an optimal security and 99.9% uptime.


Exchange Key Functionalities

  • Shared Calenders, contacts, task lists and folders
  • Mail tips, announcements and discussions
  • Message Filtering and categorization
  • Content indexing and search
  • Advanced Anti-spam and Anti-virus


  • Message recovery and retention
  • Data backup and archiving
  • Unlimited operations and maintenance
  • Active Sync and Outlook Web App
  • Email and phone support



What mobile phones are supported?

Currently, all iPhone’s, Android OS, Windows Mobile 5+ OS, Nokia Mail for Exchange, Palm Pre, and Palm 700p

What is your backup policy?

We do a full backup of all mail stores daily for a maximum period of seven days.  Users requiring longer email retention would be recommended to purchase the archive add-on.

What version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server are you currently running?

Version 5.X

Do you support BlackBerry OS 6?

We support all versions including the latest 6.0.

Do you support BlackBerry Public Calendars?

Yes, at an additional cost.

How many emails can be sent and received during a 24 hour period?

Currently our system allows 1000 outgoing emails to be sent from a single user per day.  There is no limit to incoming emails.

Do you allow catchalls?

We allow unlimited aliases, but not catchalls

When are users notified when they are reaching their mailbox quota?

At 92% users are warned that their mailbox is nearing its capacity.  At 100% users are no longer able to send.

What happens if they exceed the threshold?

At 112% users can no longer send or receive.

What version of Outlook may I use?

Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2011 or Outlook 2013.  Outlook 2003 is no longer supported.

If I have my own copy of Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, do I still need to pay additional fees per month?

No.  However be mindful when purchasing licenses from us you cannot purchase one individual license.  You must purchase this for all users in the organization. If you have 20 people and only 1 person needs a copy of Outlook you will pay 20 x Outlook Individual License. 



Why cloud based Exchange?

cloud button
  1. Free up capital: by spreading expense month over month
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  1. Bundled licensing and maintenance (email, Lync, SharePoint, Blackberry)
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  1. Pay for what you use: never have to purchase licensing you don’t use
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  1. Reduce on-premise server load by deferring to the cloud
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  1. Overcome on-premise limitations – email communication still goes on even through a disaster
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  1. Accountability from your solution provider saves you soft costs – your problem now becomes our problem
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  1. Security is higher and stronger than most can afford locally
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  1. Email doesn’t change even when a platform or server infrastructure changes


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